Adverts Take Up 79% Of Mobile Data

One of the reasons that more consumers are downloading ad blocker software is because of the impact that adverts are having on their data usage. For this reason, networks such as Three have announced plans to roll out ad blocking at network level for their customers.

Shine, a company who provides ad blocking software said that mobile adverts can use anywhere between 10-50% of a customer’s data plan. A report that was released by Enders Analysis today appears to back up that claim- taken from a sample of news websites. Enders conducted a small experiment where researchers requested eight web pages from some ‘popular publishers’ using a browser which impersonates the iPhone 6. The team then compared data usage when a full page had loaded without an ad blocker, with an ad blocker and once with an adblocker and Java Script disabled. The results of the study found that advertising content accounted for between 18% and 79% of mobile data used, depending on the site. When publishers used Java Script elements an extra 6% of data consumption was added. A logo of the Orange mobile phone network provider is seen on a retail store in central London

The research concluded that advertising accounts for over half of data usage when browsing on an iPhone 6. Given that data plans start from 500MB, it is worrying that ‘resource hungry’ advertising could take up the allowance- not to mention the fact that adverts often make the page take longer to load. Recently, the likes of Google, Apple and Facebook have rolled out options for publishers to help reduce adverts, such as Apple News and Facebook Instant Articles.

At the moment, it is unknown whether Orange will follow in the footsteps of Three and introduce ad blocking software. For more information about data packages, call the Orange contact number.

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