EE Is The Best Overall Network But Three Isn’t Far Behind

Orange’s parent company EE has been ranked the best mobile network in the UK by mobile analytics firm Rootmetrix, however Three is slowly closing the gap.

The report by Rootmetrics is based on more than 920,000 test samples which have been collected across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The sample was equivalent to approximately one sample for every 100 mobile phone contracts in the country.

Rootmetrics gives each operator a score out of 100 which is calculated on call and text performance, mobile internet as well as overall speed and reliability. EE came top in every category with an average score of 88.1, Three scored 84.3, O2 scored 78.6 and Vodafone scored 77.8. Orange was not individually tested. A logo of the Orange mobile phone network provider is seen on a retail store in central London

Compared to the 2013 study, all of the networks showed improvement. Three in particular has made significant improvements, sharing top honours with EE for network reliability.

A spokesperson for Rootmetrics said:

“Our mobile phones have become an essential part of our everyday lives, but determining which network performs best seems to have become more difficult. We firmly believe customers deserve clear, unbiased, and accurate information in order to make the most informed decisions to improve their everyday mobile experience.”

Rootmetrics also compared the performance of each network within each of the four nations. Scores were higher in England, with EE ranking first in overall performance across the UK.


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