Orange Calls A Young Mother “soooo pathetic”

In a row over an unpaid bill of £110, Orange have sent Emma Townsend, a 23 year mother from Stroud, Gloucestershire, a very poorly-worded text. The text read “You are so pathetic you can’t pay your bill and you blame it other people. You are sooo PATHETIC” and, understandably, Emma is now demanding a formal apology form Orange.

Emma and her boyfriend Carwyn Davis have got a joint account with Orange that is in her name and their bills are usually paid by a monthly direct debit. However, they appear to have missed their March payment and the cost was rolled over to April, resulting in the unexpectedly high bill.

When Mr Davids connected Orange Customer Service, via EE, he was told there had been an issue with the direct debit payment in March that caused the payment to not be made. He was then told that Ms Townsend should have rung up to pay the bill, but they had assumed the payment would have been made via direct debit, so there would be no need to manually make the payment.

As with most mobile phone company now, after contacting the customer service department, Emma recieved an automated text message asking her to rate the quality of customer service she had received, and as they felt they had been let down by Orange, they responded as they found appropriate; with a 1 star rating for every aspect questioned.

After submitting their text message review, Emma was sent the nasty text the following day, which she describes as being “borderline bullying” and “disgusting”. When she read the text she said that “I was in shock. I could not believe someone would send me an abusive text like that, especially when they are meant to be there to help.”

Orange says it is taking the matter “very seriously” and that it would be addressed as a priority. A spokesman for the mobile brand said “We apologise unreservedly to Ms Townsend for the text received. We are investigating this and will take appropriate action.”

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