Orange Increases TV Customers

Orange has ended the first quarter of the year with over six and a half million subscribers to its IPTV and DTH services in France. This is up from just over six million in the same period for the previous year. France is the home market of the network, after it no longer exists in the UK.

In Romania, another notable market for the company, Orange saw a strong growth in the number of people subscribing to its satellite TV service. As of March 31st, the total was almost 300,000- a 54.5% increase on the previous year. In Poland, Orange ended the first quarter with almost 800,000 customers of its TV service, 5.4% more than the previous year. In other markets, the company ended with 365,000 TV service customers.

Overall revenues for the Orange group for the first quarter of the year were 10 billion Euros, up by 0.6% from the previous year. According to Broadband TV news, the Polish arm of the company’s revenues were 42% lower than the previous year. However, in Romania, the revenues had increased by 6.5%. orange tv

The CEO of Orange, Stephane Richard, said that the first quarter was ‘very positive across all regions’, in terms of mobile and TV services. It was the third period of growth for the company, following a long period of no growth. Revenue from the home market of France is still falling, but this is being attributed to a downturn in ‘national roaming’. In Spain, strong 4G growth aided the company in bringing up revenue by 1.8%.

In Africa and the Middle East, the rate of growth is still strong at 4.4%. Seven countries across the region are already marketing 4G to subscribers, an impressive development in that area of the world.

For its mobile division, Orange has a total of 191 million customers. Of this amount, 111.9 million are based in Africa and the Middle East. For the first quarter of the year, it ended with 20 million 4G customers-8.7 million in France, 5.8 million in Spain and 2.4 million in Poland.

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