Orange Sales Number

0844 248 2565

When Would I Need The Orange Sales Number?

  • You want to discuss the services offered by Orange
  • You would like to upgrade your existing mobile phone, mobile broadband or home broadband contract
  • You want to upgrade your mobile device
  • You want to negotiate your current contract
  • You want to discuss an Orange Business account

A History Of Orange

Orange Sales Number

Orange is one of the biggest telecoms providers around the world, with a keen focus in Europe. Orange in the UK has become part of EE as of 2010, along with T Mobile and the formation of EE created the biggest mobile phone network in the country.

Customers are able to buy new Orange contracts by visiting one of EE’s 700 high street stores, which also offer contracts on EE and T Mobile as well. Unfortunately customers can no longer purchase Orange contracts over the internet.

Both Orange customers and EE customers are able to access deals such as ‘Orange Wednesdays’ which is a promotion that allows customers to get 2 cinemas tickets for the price of one on a Wednesday at participating cinemas around the UK.

Orange allows offers home and mobile broadband services with different combinations of packages at competitive prices. Customers who take up the mobile broadband packages are able to wireless connect to a 3G or 4G connection, wherever there is one available, via their tablets and computers.

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