Orange Signs Agreement To Share Networks In Romania

Orange Romania and Telekom Romania have signed separate contracts to share both their fixed and mobile infrastructure. This will allow both of the operators to offer more diverse services to their customers.

Thanks to this deal, Orange Romania will get access to Telekom’s broadband network and will be able to provide customers with a high speed internet connection and cable television. In Romania, Orange currently doesn’t have a fixed internet infrastructure. When announcing the deal, the company said that they would soon launch fixed mobile service bundles.

Telekom Romania will be able to use Orange’s 4G network to provide their customers with high speed mobile data. Orange currently has the highest amount of 4G coverage in RA logo of the Orange mobile phone network provider is seen on a retail store in central Londonomania as it reaches 72% of the population in the countryside and 98% of the urban population. At the moment, Telekom Romania’s 4G network only covers around a third of the population.

From an outside perspective, the deal seems to be a win for both companies. Orange would have to invest heavily to create its own broadband network and Telekom has a lot of work to do to improve its 4G coverage. The 4G sector is now the main source of revenue for telecoms companies due to its popularity.

The structure of the agreement will still allow the companies to operate independently with their own commercial policy and business strategy.

To find out more information about Orange’s 4G networks, contact Orange customer services.

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