Orange Teams Up With Google To Improve Mobile Internet

Yesterday, Orange mobile and Google announced a new partnership which will help to bring the best mobile internet across Africa and the Middle East. The partnership will combine the strength of Orange’s mobile network and expertise in this field with Google’s mobile applications. It is hoped that the move will offer customers the best of both companies in terms of internet access and content through a digital communications package which will be all-inclusive.

Customers of Orange across the Middle East and Africa will now have access to a range of online services such as popular content covering music, sport and fashion as well as everyday functionality tools such as YouTube, Google Search and Google Maps. The mass market in the Middle East and Africa will be targeted, following the success by Orange of delivering smartphones across the nations. There will be an educational campaign where customers will be given advice to help them better understand the benefits that direct mobile internet can bring to them.

The new digital communication package is especially suited to young people who want the latest smartphone and have a high amount of data usage. The tariff will be one of the most competitively priced on the market, starting at around $40 for a high specification smartphone and a package of calls, data and texts. A logo of the Orange mobile phone network provider is seen on a retail store in central London

A spokesperson for Orange said that as the first African and Middle Eastern partnership with Google of this scale, Orange is able to bring ‘direct value’ to customers by offering the best amount of access and services to help them get the most out of a mobile internet connection. The spokesperson added that Orange was ‘proud’ to be able to continue their promise to deliver ‘affordable internet access’ across the region to help connect people to ‘what is essential in their lives’.

The Director of Android Partnerships for Europe, the Middle East and Africa said that over three billion people use the internet to ‘live better, richer lives’ and create opportunities, both for themselves and their communities. He said that the ‘driving force’ behind this growth is smartphones. As a result, Google is very excited to work with Orange to combine data services with high quality content and Android devices to provide a great experience for ‘either first time or experienced smartphone users’.

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