Orange Wednesdays

Many of us were familiar with Orange Wednesdays- 2 for 1 cinema tickets that enabled you to see the latest blockbuster without breaking the bank. However, in March 2015, Orange/EE decided to stop the offer, breaking many film fans hearts’ around the country.

What was Orange Wednesdays?

Since 2003, Orange Wednesdays meant cheaper first dates or group outings to the cinema. It enabled people to get 2 for 1 cinema tickets, often meaning that a trip to the cinema costed £5-6 rather than over £10. It ran all year round, meaning you could even use on Valentine’s Day (if it happened to fall on a Wednesday!).

The offer was exclusively for customers of Orange mobile and later EE. By texting ‘film’ to 241, you received a unique code which you could exchange for tickets. It was valid at practically every cinema in the UK and was very popular.

In it’s later days, the deal was accompanied by two for one pizzas at Pizza Express, so you could dine for cheaper before or after your film. meerkat movies

 Meerkat Movies

In 2015, a replacement for Orange Wednesdays was announced. It was to be the same offer, except now available on Tuesday’s and it would be sponsored by Compare the Meerkat, a comparison site. You will have to be a customer to access the deal- by purchasing car insurance, home insurance, travel insurance etc through Compare the Meerkat. Once you have purchased a product, you’ll be able to access Meerkat Movies for a year. It can also be given away to family and friends in a similar way to Orange Wednesdays. The deal is in partnership with Cinema First.

How to get Meerkat Movies

To access Meerkat Movies, purchase a product through Compare the Meerkat and then download the Meerkat Movies app.